Welcome to my little online corner. You will find a small assortment of some of my past works for your amusement here. Enjoy your stay and I look forward to hearing from you.


Art Institutes of San Diego

Relevant Experience

Parc Place, 1996
Production Artist

Okamoto Kitchen, 2015
Character Design/Illustration, Freelance

Parallax Records, 2015
Illustrator, Freelance

Collisseum Records, 2015
Illustrator, Freelance

Fuel Coffeehouse, 2016
Graphic Design, Freelance

Rice Balls of Fire, 2017
Character Design/Illustration, Freelance

Denon DJ Graffiti, 2017

Selected Works

The blending of unlikely influences frequently creates interesting surprises that would otherwise go unnoticed in the source material alone. I tend to look at pop culture and design as a breeding ground, where ideas intermingle freely with one another and often times foster unlikely allies in their respective circles. It's all about duality.

Blade Booklet

Blade Mini-Guide

Creative Layouts

Illustrative Layouts

Supa Mario Bruthas

Supa Mario Bruthas

Turbo-Systems 16


Technical Itch Cyborg Ladies

Technical Itch Promo

Riceballs of Fire

Rice Balls of Fire


Feel free to contact me about questions, comments, commissions or chaos.

hakyoku @ gmail . com